Aurosmith x Monaco Chain

Official Monaco Chain Partner and Authorised Dealer
In a prestigious partnership with Sözer Jewelry established in 2023, Aurosmith is honoured to serve as an official business partner and authorised dealer for the Monaco Chain. This collaboration positions Aurosmith as one of just three globally—to exclusively offer the Monaco Chain online, making it a rare gem in the world of luxury jewellery.
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A Fusion of Elegance and Technology
Every Monaco Chain is machine-made, ensuring perfect precision and the highest quality standards. This technological mastery allows Monaco Chain to maintain consistent excellence, upholding the brand’s prestigious reputation.
What is Monaco Chain?
The Monaco Chain is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Miami Cuban Link Chain, engineered to be hollow yet extraordinarily strong and durable. It stands out for its lightweight design, making it approximately 75% lighter than a solid counterpart, offering comfort without sacrificing luxury.

Known for its durability, the Monaco Chain can withstand up to 52 lbs (23.58kg) in tensile tests, rivalling solid gold chains while offering a superior aesthetic and tactile experience. Its design technology significantly minimises the hollow sound associated with lighter chains, producing a richer, fuller sound that elevates the wearing experience.

Choosing the Monaco Chain means investing in a piece that combines breathtaking style with exceptional craftsmanship. Not only does it offer the elegant appearance and excellent finish expected of luxury jewellery, but it also comes at a price that is significantly more accessible than solid gold chain alternatives. The Monaco Chain is the epitome of sophisticated exclusivity, crafted for those who demand luxury that is both visible and viable.

Luxury Gold Chains

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Authentic Monaco Chains


Check the Logo

Ensure the piece features the distinctive "S" logo, symbolising genuine quality.

Monaco Collection and Karat

Look for the 'Monaco Chain' collection name and karat marking (10K-14K-18K-21K-22K) on the back of the lock.

Certificate Card

Verify the certificate card that accompanies your chain. This card details the collection, type, lock mechanism, and karat, ensuring the authenticity of your Monaco Chain.
Sözer Jewelry - A Legacy of Innovation and Quality
Since its inception in 1985, Sözer Jewelry has been a beacon of innovation and excellence in the jewellery industry. With operations spanning over 90 countries and a creative force of over 40 designers, Sözer has cultivated a reputation for pioneering design and impeccable quality.

The Monaco Chain, a distinguished brand under Sözer Jewelry, distinguishes itself through advanced technological craftsmanship and unique design elements.

These include the iconic ‘S’ logo lock and a robust double-click locking system, ensuring both security and style. Celebrated as the world’s lightest gold chain, the Monaco Chain has led trends across continents from America to Asia and from Europe to Africa.
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